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alysonk -> Delay in emails appearing in Outlook Client (17.Dec.2009 6:12:26 AM)

We are running Exchange server 2000 on windows 2000 sp4
Two users have reported that  (external) mail appeared in their outlook 2 or 3 days after expected or data/timed stamped.
All logs show mail is being received by our external SMTP and being delivered immediately to internal Exchange server where is it  received and delivered to mailbox  at the correct times and days. I.e in message tracking center, mail delivery is successful for example, received on 3 dec at 15.23pm and delivered immediately to mailbox. However, the users are reporting that for example on 6th Dec, they noticed unread mail in their Outlook client, dates 3rd Dec 15.23pm and sorted in order of date, so these messages are in the group of emails for the 3rd Dec. It isnt happening to all external messages, just on ad hoc basis.

Any pointers very much appreciated


uemurad -> RE: Delay in emails appearing in Outlook Client (17.Dec.2009 11:19:27 AM)

Everything you describe points to a problem with communication between the server and client (Outlook).  Since Message Tracking indicates the message was delivered to the mailbox immediately, the message is immediately available.

You didn't mention whether you are running Outlook in cache mode, but I would guess that you are.  Look at the Application Log to see if there are any errors.  Look at the Sync Issues folder and subfolders to see if anything shows up there.  Other than that, I'd suspect the OST file.  Close Outlook, rename the Outlook.ost file, launch Outlook.  Corruption in the OST file can cause all sorts of odd behavior.

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