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rparsons1000 -> Failover not working quite right (18.Dec.2009 11:50:53 AM)

I have 2 Exchange server running Mailbox, CAS & Hub. 1 DAG with one DB copy. Email is flowing fine but when I shut down Server1 I can't connect to Exchange anymore. I do see the DB go to Mounted on Server2 and I can ping the DAG when server1 is down.

The DAG networks consist of one "Client Connections" with replication disabled that is on the local LAN. And another called "Replication Network" that is segregated and is replicated. File share winess appears to be working fine.

When I bring Server1 back up, I can connect to Exchange and email is fine while the DB is mounted on server2. I can switch server and the DB mounts on Server1 and still everything is ok.

I guess I am not sure how the client actually makes it's connection. I thought I read somewhere it has changed since 2007 and uses CAS but am not sure of that.

Any ideas what I am missing?

rparsons1000 -> RE: Failover not working quite right (21.Dec.2009 3:41:51 PM)

Seems that the client does indeed use CAS now and found the following blog regarding it.

I never NLB'd my 2007 CAS's which created potential issues for resilinecy. I am ready to NLB now....

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