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Jon_Fleming -> Message appears only on Blackberry (21.Dec.2009 12:40:21 PM)

I'm running Exchange 2007 SP1  with GFI Mail Essentials 14.1 on Small Business Server 2008. On a separate Server 2003 computer I'm running Blackberry Professional 4.1. The company president is running Outlook 2003 with an Exchange account and a fairly new Blackberry connected to the same Exchange account through Blackberry Professional.

On our web site we have an inquiry submission form that sends an email to info@{domain}.com from {our username}@{our host's servername). info@{domain}.com is listed in our president's "Email Addresses" tab as one of his SMTP addresses.

We don't get a lot of hits on that inquiry form, so I can't tell when it happened .. but messages generated by that form now appear only on his Blackberry!

Exchange Message Tracking shows the message as being received, resolved, and delivered to his mailbox. GFI Dashboard lists the message as delivered, not blocked or failed. Messages sent to info@{domain}.com from internal or external email accounts appear in Outlook and on the Blackberry.

He has a few rules set up, but none that look as if they should affect this message, and a search of his entire mailbox turns up no hits (except the exchange between him and me about the issue).

Obviously he's not real happy with the situation.

Where is that freakin' message???

uemurad -> RE: Message appears only on Blackberry (21.Dec.2009 12:55:03 PM)

There are two likely scenarios:

1. The message is still in his mailbox
2. The message was removed from his mailbox

Here are some thoughts I put down in a multi-part blog article. Read through them and see if it helps.

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