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krisvdb -> ESE 474 error (28.Dec.2009 12:33:27 AM)


Thursday I had a crash of my disks with the Exchange Store on (priv + pub edb and stm files). I restored my backup and replayed all the logs.
Everything went fine and store mounted without problem.

However during the night, my online backup failed on priv1.edb with a couple of ESE 474 errors stating there's a checksum mismatch at a certain database page.

I ran an integrity check (eseutil /k) on the store but everything seems to be fine:

4953554 pages seen
0 bad checksums
0 correctable checksums
1699 uninitialized pages
0 wrong page numbers
0x58805c32 highest dbtime (pgno 0x224931)

309598 reads performed
19349 MB read
259 seconds taken
74 MB/second
265502466 milliseconds used
857 milliseconds per read
3469 milliseconds for the slowest read
16 milliseconds for the fastest read

I also restored my backup again but same error.

What are my next options ?
This is a SBS2003 Std, so I cannot move the mailboxes to another store.
Is there a way to see which mailbox is corrupt ?
How long will it take to repair/defrag/isinteg a 25gig store ?


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