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elyounsi -> Where are the messages ???? (7.Jan.2010 9:20:35 AM)

I had a problem with routing message, so 10 of users didn't receive message between 1PM to 18 PM, they did not receive any Failed Delivery message.
If I check in there mailbox , the last message was received at 12h55.

I used message tracking , Nothing has been found.

So where are the message that was not receive between that time.

on my Hub Queue 0 messages

Thank You Guys

stoleru -> RE: Where are the messages ???? (7.Jan.2010 11:16:24 AM)


Non Delivery messages are received by the sender of the message not by the recipient of it.
Question: mail flow between internal users was affected or only you didn't receive emails from outside? Internal mail-flow should be traceable but with mails from outside it's a little bit complicated if, for example, they were rejected by an anti-spam filter.


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