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sdhegde -> installation (18.Jan.2010 8:44:11 AM)

is it possible to install ex2k3 seperatly that comes with SBS 2003 R2....

glenknight -> RE: installation (18.Jan.2010 8:58:44 AM)

If your talking about the Installation that comes with SBS then no you cannot install this on a seperate server.

If your talking about purchasing a standard Exchange 2003 license (or using one you already have) and installing this on a seperate server, then yes you can.

ashokkumar_ece -> RE: installation (11.Feb.2010 11:38:20 PM)


I have installed Exchange Server 2003 Standard in Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2.But the exchange features are not shown in Active Directory.How to Configure?

Thanks & Regards
Ashok Kumar M

uemurad -> RE: installation (12.Feb.2010 7:54:53 PM)

Did you run Forestprep and Domainprep before installing Exchange? Those extend the AD schema.

When you are looking for the Exchange features, are you running ADUC on the Exchange server or on the (separate) domain controller or on some other system? The Exchange features will only appear on systems (servers and workstations) that have the Exchange System Tools installed. I don't like to install that on domain controllers because it requires that you first install IIS (which I don't install unless really needed).

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