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trevorc -> Replacing Win2K/Exch2K with Win2003/Exch2003 (3.Feb.2010 2:56:14 AM)


I have a site were they have 1 Win2K SP4 DC with Exch2K installed. I installed another server in the site with Win2003 SP2. I am now trying to promote this new server to a DC so that i later install Exch2003 and then remove the Win2K/Exch2K server from the site.

When i am running forestprep command, the process stops because of some Exch2K referalls. I tried running the script and the procedures as per KB325379 but still did not work.

Do you think i should install Exch2003 on the Win2003 (which is still a member server)? In this way, i will be upgrading the Exchange schema from 2K to 2003?. I will later promote the server on which there is the Exch2003 to DC.

Any comments on this please?

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Replacing Win2K/Exch2K with Win2003/Exch2003 (4.Feb.2010 8:27:26 AM)


It is always recommended to install exchange on a member server only.

You can get your Windows Server 2003 and install Exchange 2003 on that . Do a transition from Exchange 2000.

Let me ask you this why don't you go with Exchange 2007?

trevorc -> RE: Replacing Win2K/Exch2K with Win2003/Exch2003 (5.Feb.2010 4:50:11 AM)

Thanks for your reply. The idea is that in the end i wanted to end up with 2 DCs of which on one of them there will be Exch2003 too. I know that Exchange is recommended to be on a member server and i had explained this to the owner of the site but since he only has about 15 users, he preferred to have 2 DCs for failover purpose.

Do you think there will be any issues if i later promote the Exch2003 member server to a DC?

I'm installing Exch2003 and not Exch2007 because i don't have the 2007 media or license. I also have not worked much on 2007 so i don't know the pros and cons of it

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Replacing Win2K/Exch2K with Win2003/Exch2003 (8.Feb.2010 7:11:26 AM)

hi mate,

If your exchange server working fine now let it be. Once you install Exhange on a member server and later if you try to promote to a DC then it will create a problem and may end up with a disaster

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