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srasmus -> Cannot install HT role (3.Feb.2010 9:20:28 AM)

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to install an Exchange 2010 test environment on a VM Ware machine running Windows Server 2008. It's a DC with DNS and of course a static IP v4 address.

All prereqs are installed, and is always ready to go.

However, the HT role will not, under any circustomstance, install.

Installation times out, and the error messages are completely worthless.

It's the E2K10 beta release.

Is there something that I have basically overlooked?

Any help appreciated :-)

Kind regards

neilho -> RE: Cannot install HT role (3.Feb.2010 3:06:40 PM)

Beta release? The full RTM code has been out for a while now.

Don't forget Update Rollup 1 too.

srasmus -> RE: Cannot install HT role (4.Feb.2010 3:58:36 AM)

Thanks for your help, Neil :-)

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