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ryanrock -> Exchange 2007 new server (4.Feb.2010 1:37:03 PM)

So this may have been covered before but I can't find any relevant info.  I have a new Exchange 2007 server that I installed into my organization that we are moving our existing 2007 server to.  I've got the server up and running and have moved all the mailboxes.  The new server is running the mailbox role fine. At this point I need to move the rest of the services to the new box so I can retire the old one.  Are there any white papers, tech notes, examples etc. of how to move the OWA, Outlook Anywhere, ActiveSync services to the new server?  I haven't been able to find much on the subject.  The new server runs the mailbox, CAS and HT roles.

choppol -> RE: Exchange 2007 new server (7.Feb.2010 11:54:14 PM)

If this is only contain mailbox server role then you just need to move the mailbox to the new one or are you have all the roles on the one box?

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