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Lander215 -> 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (11.Feb.2010 8:47:07 AM)

I'm getting the following error when sending a 12MB attachment:

#550 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST.RecipSizeLimit; message too large for this recipient ##

I've set the limits to 20MB on the server based upon this site: http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2008/10/28/how-do-i-change-message-size-limits-in-exchange-2007.aspx

However, I still get the error. I've confirmed all the settings are at 20MB for maximum size, and have tested multiple 12MB files and confirmed in message tracking that the attachment is 12MB.

I can send it internally just fine, but I can't send it to an Internet address. I've tested sending to my personal GMail account which has a 25MB/email limit.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (11.Feb.2010 9:38:08 AM)

hi mate,

Can you please are you receiving the same NDR if you are sending the email through Outlook 2003?

Are you facing the same issue : You receive a "Message too large for this recipient" NDR that has the original message attached after you restrict the Maximum Message Send Size value in Exchange Server 2007

if so kindly go through this article : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/960775/en-us

Lander215 -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (11.Feb.2010 9:44:13 AM)

We do not have nor use Outlook 2003, we are running Outlook 2007. I am not running in cached mode. As soon as I send the email to my Gmail account, it is immediately returned with the 5.2.3 error. I can send to internal recipients, I cannot send to external recipients. I have confirmed transport size is 20MB, and I have confirmed that the message including overhead is less than 20MB.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (12.Feb.2010 8:17:03 AM)

hi mate,

can you please run the below and paste the output:

Get-TransportConfig | fl *size & Get-Mailbox | fl *size

Lander215 -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (12.Feb.2010 8:27:46 AM)

For the transportconfig it is:
MaxReceiveSize : 10MB
MaxSendSize    : 20MB

For the mailboxes, I have over 400 so I'll not post them all. However, they are all unlimited or if there is an indicated size, it is minimum 20000 KB.

Since the email issue is outbound the MaxReceiveSize should not apply.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (12.Feb.2010 8:44:24 AM)

hi mate,

can you do one test

From the Exchange Management Console, navigate to Recipient Configuration | Mailbox and right click on the desired mailbox. Then, click the Mail Flow Settings page and double click the Message Size Restrictions option and ensure that send one is unchecked.

Then restart all the exchange service and try to restest it once again

Lander215 -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (12.Feb.2010 9:07:14 AM)

Yes, had already checked that and confirmed on my account that it is set to 30000 KB.

I have a single Exchange server so I can't restart the services in the middle of the work day. I'll do that this evening and test.

Do the services have to be restarted for message size limit changes to take effect?

Thank you.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (12.Feb.2010 9:14:56 AM)

yes it has to be..

Lander215 -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (12.Feb.2010 9:16:57 AM)

Well...that is the answer in my case then. I have not restarted the services after making the changes because none of the tutorials I've read mentioned it.

I'll do that this weekend and should be good to go. Thank you.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST error (12.Feb.2010 9:22:32 AM)

Try that out and let me know the output.

Best of luck

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