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syn -> Moving from one Sever to another (13.Feb.2010 6:45:22 PM)

Alright, I have fair amount of experience with exchange mainly from learning with the environment I am supporting. Though, I am unsure if what I am trying to make happen is possible, I am trying to move/import an information store from server A to B. The trick, they are not in the same forest/domain. I have copied the files from the MBDATA folder, pointed all the logs in the right direction. Made the servers just about a duplicate of each other but cannot get the store to mount. Both are Exchange 2003 sp2, and have the same storage group names and information store names. I exported the users from the old DC (not the exchange objects container, not sure if I have to). Though, it makes sense for the system attendant. Currently I have an Event ID: 9175.

The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:
The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available.  Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down for maintenance.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0526-00000000

syn -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (13.Feb.2010 6:53:00 PM)

can exmerge be used if there is no trust? -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (13.Feb.2010 6:57:34 PM)

Exmerge just creates a ton of PST files. You can use ADMT to do the accounts and passwords from old to new and then use Exmerge part A to export and then Exmerge part B to import into the new server.
Where do you think trusts come into play?

syn -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (14.Feb.2010 12:15:12 AM)

ok, so I did the export using exmerge. that went well, now I have the PST files. I originally used LDIFDE to export and import the users from the original DC to the new. Enabled them, used AD to create the mailbox for the users got success yet the store I put them in does not show them at all. Rebooted and nothing, go into AD and see that they show the store they are supposed to be. Yet when I look in the ESM I see no names under logons or Mailboxes. This is the 2nd exchange server in the forest.

uemurad -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (14.Feb.2010 1:28:52 AM)

They won't show up until they are logged in once, or a message is received. Broadcast a message to them and then they'll show up in the ESM.

syn -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (14.Feb.2010 1:58:07 AM)

sent messsages and still don't quite see them in the ESM (I am sure it takes time just not sure on how long?). Also, will this exchange needs its seperate OWA? If not, mind pointing me in the direction of how to make it talk to my current OWA?

syn -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (14.Feb.2010 2:29:00 AM)

just been informed that the MX record has not been moved yet. When I have that confirmed I hope to see mail flow. If not, will keep up with an update. I appreciate the help and insight. Makes me want to take the MCSE to fill in the blanks I never seem to know off hand. Question about the OWA still stands.

syn -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (14.Feb.2010 10:47:26 AM)

Ok, so I let it settle over night. Performed a reboot and started seeing event id 8197
Error initializing session for virtual machine EXCHANGE0. The error number is 0x8004011d. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Store is running. Now, I did some reading and since I have created a site for this (in sites and services). I made the local DC for this site a GC (after reading and understanding most of kb828764). It does not show continuous ( I believe its only once at the moment). Though still shows, I checked the event log on the DC and it shows that is successfully became a GC. Not seeing any delivery yet, going to configure a client and test it.

syn -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (14.Feb.2010 11:43:21 AM)

Finally got some internal delivery. I can send out, seems my mx record is still a little screwy though I can fix that. I have an exmerge quesoition though, seems when I go about doing the exmerge to import to the new server. They all fail, not one is able to import from the PSTs I exported from the old server and domain yesterday. Only thing I can think of is that they don't have the same primary email (SMTP or X400) address, does this matter for a successful import? or am I simply overlooking something else?

uemurad -> RE: Moving from one Sever to another (14.Feb.2010 12:14:58 PM)

Importing with ExMerge only comes down to the file names. ExMerge creates file names that are <ALIAS>.pst during export, and expects the same name format for imports. You can rename any file as needed to match the appropriate PST files to their new mailboxes.

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