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KKBAdmin -> NTLM Security (16.Feb.2010 8:43:52 AM)

Well when I got here our exchange server was a dc global catalog server. I did dc promo removed the global catalog server then removed the dc role. Now when ever we try to set up outlook I have to go to more settings and change logon security from negotiate authentication to ntlm. I have seen several articles on google but none of them fixed this, any idea? Thanks in advance

Big Show -> RE: NTLM Security (5.Apr.2011 12:22:07 AM)

HTTP is a basically the methods through which your browser communicates with any website and exchange information but there are many problems within the protocol that restricts anonymity like the fact that it exists on the TCP port 80. Port 80 has become a standard TCP port to use and almost every web server will list that port with the exception of security such as SSL but as a general rule most connection are through the TCP port 80. Firewalls will usually allow all TCP80 communications as a first rule.best web hosting

johnmerchant -> RE: NTLM Security (12.Oct.2011 7:27:40 AM)

NTLM SSP is based on Microsoft Windows NT LAN Manager challenge/response and NTLM version 2 authentication protocols used on networks running versions of Windows NT operating system or Windows Mobile servers. The protocol is implemented through SSPI, which provides the functions for enumerating the providers available on a system, selecting one of the functions, and using it to obtain an authenticated connection. The registry controls the authentication protocol to use. 
The registry stores information necessary to configure the system for applications and hardware devices. The registry also contains information that the operating system continually references during operation.
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