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sribikkina -> Emails move to drafts in owa (2.Mar.2010 3:02:26 AM)

Hi Friends,
I have installed sbs server 2003 with sp2. and installed exchange 2003 with sp2..when i try to send a mail it moves to drafts folder..even incoming mails are also not coming...

  Can anyone please help me out of this issue...


alanhardisty -> RE: Emails move to drafts in owa (2.Mar.2010 3:06:32 AM)

Try downloading and running the SBS 2003 Best Practices Analyzer and seeing if your configuration needs a few tweaks.

glenknight -> RE: Emails move to drafts in owa (2.Mar.2010 3:07:56 AM)

This can be caused by lack of disk space on the drive where the Exchange Log files are stored.

How much free space do you have?

The other cause of this is 3rd party Antivirus/SPAM software so if you have any installed please uninstall it and restart.

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