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dalge -> iPhone/iPod Touch issues (4.Mar.2010 7:41:21 PM)

After weeks of testing Exchange 2010, we put a new Exchange server 2010 in production yesterday. Initially, we had a few issues, but all resolved except one: accessing the mail from the iPhone or an iPod Touch. All base functionality works: sending/receiving local email, sending/receiving internet email using either OWA or Outlook. I need some assistance on resolving this issue.

Here is how our environment is configured. We have two Exchange 2003 Enterprise servers and one Exchange 2010 Standard. Exchange 2003 #1 is directly facing the internet with our firebox natted to direct email traffic directly to Exchange 2003 #1. Exchange 2003 #2 is on our network only to provide additional storage for our mailboxes as #1 is almost out of disk space. Exchange 2010 is on our network with the typical installation roles: mailbox, hub, and CAS.

My main objective to have the mobile users able to access their email on their mobile devices (some iPhones some Treos) whether their mailbox is on oone of the old 2003 boxes or on the 2010 server. We have over 400 mailboxes to migrate over and do not want any to lose access during the migration.

One idea I had thought of was to test the 2010 having it directly face the internet. I initially did nt want to make any drastic changes like the firewall policies until we had migrated all the users over.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks! David

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