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scottchapman -> transition from 2003 (5.Mar.2010 6:50:33 AM)

Hello all, (first time post so please be gentle.)

I am planning to upgrade to 2010 (transition from 2003) in the near future (test environment first) and have been looking for a 'guide' to help me along. I have found some useful articles but they mainly deal with 2007. I was wondering if I can still use the move requests to move mailboxes from the 2003 server? (although I think this will mean the mailbox has to be offline).
I am running 2003 native domain. with some 2008 R2 servers
1 Exchange 2003 server (no HA) running on server 2003 R2
160 users running XP and outlook 2003 / 2007

I dont want to call in the contractors as I think this is more than 'do-able' but I would like some guidance.

Thanks for your time.


Pantherfan -> RE: transition from 2003 (5.Mar.2010 10:46:32 AM)

have you run through the exchange 2010 deployment assistant?

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