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shaun1234 -> using imap remotely with outlook 2007 (9.Mar.2010 11:35:11 AM)

I have setup SBS 2008 server with exchange 2007 – all working fine.
I have setup exchange accounts for my domain, as well as imap accounts – all work fine within the office / server network. I have setup OWA for remote access, again working fine.

I am trying to configure outlook 2007 to use the imap accounts on exchange 2007, but cant access these remotely (outside the office network).

I know I could use OWA, or exchange with RPC, or even a VPN – but I would like to use IMAP as I have around 10 email accounts, some on different domains, that I need to check regularly / at the same time.

Can anyone advise on how to setup exchange 2007 / outlook 2007 so that I can access the imap account remotely using outlook 2007.


edgar.morales -> RE: using imap remotely with outlook 2007 (9.Mar.2010 12:42:06 PM)

Do you have the correct ports open on your firewall to allow IMAP traffic to passthrough to your exchange server?   IMAP uses port 143 for TLS or unencrypted connections and port 993 for secured connections.  

Is the IMAP service started on your exchange server?

What happens when you telnet from the client computer outside of your firewall?
telnet 143 or telnet 993

Do you get any response from your exchange server?

shaun1234 -> RE: using imap remotely with outlook 2007 (9.Mar.2010 3:26:00 PM)

Outlook is unable to connect on the imap account remotely.

When inside the network / on the network that hosts the exchange 2007 – the imap accounts works fine (both sending and receiving).

IMAP service is started on the server.

I am using port 993 (SSL) for incoming email, and port 25 (ssl) for outgoing email. These ports (993 & 143) are open on the firewall.

Remotely (outside network) I have tried to Telnet 993 (as I use remote.domain and not mail.domain) – could not open connection to the host on port 993: connection failed.

I have also tried this with port 143 = same result (connection failed).

Any ideas?

edgar.morales -> RE: using imap remotely with outlook 2007 (10.Mar.2010 8:29:06 AM)

You could use wireshark or microsofts network monitor software to monitor the traffic on your exchange server to see if the server is actually receiving any packets externally on port 143 or 993.  

If you dont see any traffic hitting your exchange server externally on port 143 or 993 when telnet "" 143 or 993  then I would be willing to bet its a firewall configuration issue.

shaun1234 -> RE: using imap remotely with outlook 2007 (12.Mar.2010 5:02:51 AM)

I had the ports open on the router but there was an issue with the router (Netgear – usually ok for me). I had the ports “open by schedule”, which was working fine for some ports, but clearly not all ports. I changed the ports to “open always” and this seems to have done the trick – Thanks for your help on this.

I am however no experiencing 2 other issues...

1) – I am unable to send emails from the IMAP accounts when remote (outside the server network). I am sending using port 25, which is open on my firewall (I have checked with online port checkers, and confirmed its open). I am able to send email when in the office network... any ideas here?

2) – When I do send emails from the exchange server, my emails to external accounts (I.e. Yahoo, Google mail etc) are being marked as SPAM. I have checked my static IP address, and it doesn’t appear to be blacklisted – any ideas why my emails are being moved marked as SPAM by the receiving servers?
...I am not doing anything “dodgy”, i.e. there is nothing in the emails about sex or Rolexes etc.

Thanks again for your help.

shukoormon -> RE: using imap remotely with outlook 2007 (14.Apr.2015 4:23:48 AM)

im also facing similar issue

I have the correct ports open on your firewall to allow IMAP traffic to pass through to our exchange server .
while I telnet with public ip address the port 143, 993, 110 its connected and ready.

please help me

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