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dearot -> Use old database on new installation (15.Mar.2010 7:23:45 AM)

Hi I am new to this forum.

I have a failed exchange that also a DC. I have an image of the exchange partition (c:) and exchange database partition (d:). But somehow I cannot use the image of the c: partion.

My question is:
1. Do I need to demote and reset the exchange account computer on the role master dc?
2. Can I use the exchange database partition directly with the new exchange installation? obvious the database is not from the ntbackup or any other backup method.
3. If question no 2 does work what the best way to use the old exchange database as I dont have any other backup.

Thanks alot in advance

dearot -> RE: Use old database on new installation (15.Mar.2010 8:27:50 AM)

Any had used OntrackŪ PowerControls to recover emails from edb file?

Correct me if I am wrong, from the OntrackŪ PowerControls user manual, it says that I can recover mailboxes/emails directly from edb file and put them in pst file. Is it correct? Thanks

shraneel -> RE: Use old database on new installation (19.Mar.2010 6:09:42 PM)

I have used Office recovery for Exchange Server Enterprise. Offline recovery of EDB to PST for individual mailbox containing basically all data. Later, ex-merged into new mailbox store.

shraneel -> RE: Use old database on new installation (19.Mar.2010 6:14:36 PM)

I do know that Old EDB and STM file can be used on a new Exchange Server box using the disaster recovery switch when installing exchange provided Exchange is running as a standalone server (member server to the domain).
If its a DC while holding roles, I think the best option is to do an offline recovery of  your mailboxes, build a new server and ex-merge the PST based mailbox to new Mailbox store. -> RE: Use old database on new installation (20.May2010 8:31:22 PM)

Another option is to use Lucid8's DigiScope to either Export to PST and then later import to an alternate Exchange server or you can skip the two step process and just recover/restore direct from the Exchange EDB to the Live Exchange Server.

DigiScope works on Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 so pretty much covers all the bases and they even have project based licenses to help with issues like at a reasonable cost.

thehutch -> RE: Use old database on new installation (26.May2010 8:41:30 AM)

The disaster recovery option will usually work well but there was one time that I create a special storage group for it in order to get it to mount properly.  Also remember your DB maintenance tool (eseutil, etc.) as you may have to run those to make the new Exchange installation believe that the DB is not corrupt. 

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