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benjohnmiller -> Exmerge tool alternative? (19.Mar.2010 11:17:46 AM)

Hello All. My first post and new to the forums so 'hello' and thank you for having me :)

Does anyone here know of an Exmerge-like tool/alternative, maybe even a third-party-to-Microsoft version of the tool?

Please let me explain my situation:

As part of my role, I use Exmerge to take covert copies of user's mailboxes into a PST file for an authorised third party who is maybe investigating mis-use of IT systems or the like. Subsequently, I will run Exmerge against the live Exchange server of the user concerned, asking the process to recover absolutely everything from the user’s recover deleted items area in all folders and then forward the resulting PST file to the investigator. However, I have recently noticed that Exmerge sometimes does not capture everything in the deleted items area and returns (MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION) errors (as per: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/328642 ).
Now. The Microsoft KB article advises stopping the AV engine (Trend) and running Exmerge again. Unfortunately, this is simply not an option in my situation for reasons I don’t really want to go into. For legal reasons, an exact copy of the account is required and not just a ‘get everything you can’ copy.

I’m trying to think of ways around this. So far, I’ve come up with:

1) We have a dedicated Exchange server for restores via the recovery storage group and this server does nothing else and has no live Exchange data on it. This also has no AV on it and therefore never returns any MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION errors when running Exmerge against the restored database files. I thought that we could circumnavigate the above problem by restoring last night’s backup and then extracting the data into a PST, giving the next best think to a live snapshot as possible. It’s a labour-intensive way compared to the live snapshot though…

2) Use the Outlook client, create a MAPI profile of the third party’s mailbox, switch the dumpsteralwayson registry hack on and then manually recover all deleted items in all folders (obviously making sure the third party was not in there inbox at the time and could so emails appearing and disappearing, giving the game away!!!)

3) Buy a third party tool that actually works with the AV running! :)

Implementing a full blown recovery system like ‘Quest Recovery Manager’ is not an option due to expense considering we’d only be using it for the Exmerge-like element of it.

Any third party software suggestions or for that matter, workaround suggestions that anyone can think of? I’d be most grateful of any responses.

Thank you kindly,


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