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worldzfree -> Room calendar viewing application (25.Mar.2010 3:39:54 PM)

I am looking for a web-based application that uses the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API to display a list of conference room calendars on one application.  The goal would be to have a large display at the entrance to our conference rooms area so someone could quickly verify what room their meeting was in without referencing Outlook or a mobile device.  It would also be used by the front-desk people to properly direct vendors to the appropriate conference room.

I know they could "just use outlook" but, frankly, I am just looking for an application that just shows a list of rooms and their free/busy data in a easy to view format.

Does such an application exist?


ImHOim -> RE: Room calendar viewing application (2.Sep.2010 4:36:18 AM)

If you need a free and simpe add-in, you can try out CodeTwo Net Calendars It allows you to use multiply calendars, so you could e.g. make a separate calendar for each room.

Or if you need something more advanced, you can consider buying CodeTwo Public Folders - for all Outlook data sharing.
We've been using this application in our office for about 1 year and it does its job quite well.

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