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rockrosed -> MOVE Request STATUS 2010 (29.Mar.2010 3:30:35 AM)


I want to get details of movedmailboxstatus.we can achieve using get-MoveRequest commandlet.
ex:"get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Completed "
but i want to get the AD-Attribute(msExchMailboxMoveStatus) values for all the movedrequest states

what values are stored in AD (for this attribute - msExchMailboxMoveStatus) for different moved mailboxrequest

status.Move requeststatus are
• AutoSuspended
• Completed
• CompletedWithWarning
• CompletionInProgress
• Failed
• InProgress
• None
• Queued
• ReadyToComplete
• Suspended
basically what we want moverequest status and corresponding AD attribute(msExchMailboxMoveStatus) value.

could you please any one help regarding this and send me the link about that.


AlexanderKen1993 -> RE: MOVE Request STATUS 2010 (7.Apr.2011 12:47:06 PM)

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jianjian -> RE: MOVE Request STATUS 2010 (22.Aug.2011 3:27:55 AM)

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shanmarsh1 -> RE: MOVE Request STATUS 2010 (3.Oct.2011 12:54:06 PM)

i was originally looking in the event viewer of the mb server but after lookin at the events on the cas server its was pretty easy to solve
had to tick allow inheritable permission on the user account

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