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F L I B O I -> Intra-organization send connector bypass (31.Mar.2010 5:54:58 PM)

Here's the sitch: running 2007 and 2003. I am attempting to decomission a 2003 bridgehead server in the UK and therefore want to eliminate all traffic to the server prior to removing exchange and SMTP. I have been successful and directing most traffic around it except for traffic originating from the 2007 Hub Transport to the UK.

It appears that there is a intra-organization send connector that is overriding any routing changes I make to bypass this bridgehead but only when traffic is going TO the bridgehead. I've run several tests and viewed the MTL's to find an entry like this every time:

2010-03-31T18:01:10.644Z,,,,CORPXMB03,08CC8ABD3F00F979;2010-03-31T18:01:10.223Z;0,CORPXMB03\INTERNAL-EXCHANGE [CORPXMB03],SMTP,RECEIVE,108503,<>,,,68607,1,,,RE: Email flow to US is Down,,,0cI:
2010-03-31T18:01:13.203Z,,CORPXMB03,,,08CC8ABD3F00F97A,Intra-Organization SMTP Send Connector,SMTP,SEND,108503,<>,,250 2.1.5 ,68607,1,,,RE: Email flow to US is Down,,,2010-03-31T18:01:09.781Z

UKWKSRS01 is the server I'm trying to decom. Research indicates that the intra-org connector is not changeable but if anybody knosw better lemme know. I validate that AD site costs and routing group connector costs seem to indicate messages should bypass that server now but it still won't.

I have no problem installing another send connector if that'll do the trick until I can get this server unplugged. I tried one and it broke messaging outbound for some reason so I would rather not if possible...

F L I B O I -> RE: Intra-organization send connector bypass (1.Apr.2010 2:03:58 PM)

Today I tried modifying the Exchange Cost for the ad site links. I made the cost heavier from the site I don't want it to to go and lighter from the site I do want it to go to. I waited for AD replication and still not routing properly. I set the Cost at 100 for the route I don't want and 50 for the route I do want. the AD site links are all configured at 100 for cost. I guess I've eliminated route cost as the culprit...

Research on this suggests that In the presence of multiple AD site links best route is determined by the following in order:

1) AD site link cost
2) route with fewest hops
3) lowest alphanumeric value based on AD site name (go figure! - anyone know how this is calculated?)

Exchange Cost overrides AD site link cost so I'm surprised that didn't do it. The hop count using a TRACERT shows 5 hops for each route so that ain't it.

I even set exchange cost to 1,000 for the incorrect route and still messages are flowing the wrong way.

F L I B O I -> RE: Intra-organization send connector bypass (1.Apr.2010 2:41:03 PM)

Ah Hah! figured it out. I had a routing group connector going directly to that server from the site I didn't want message routing to go through. this RGC had a cost of 1. I set its cost to 100 and routing is now working fine. Thanks for letting me think out loud (... or type my thinking - uh - out loud - I mean online - uh - with my fingers instead of - uh- my - uh - voice... and - uh... stuff)[8|][8|] [:D][:D]

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