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scottchapman -> Outlook anywhere cannot connect (7.Apr.2010 9:35:02 AM)


This is driving me a little crazy at the moment. I am trying to get Outlook Anywhere running on my 2010 server. I keep getting a message to say that the exchange server is not online. When I monitor my ISA isa server I can see a Web Proxy error (503 service unavailable). Followed by the specified network name is no longer valid. This looks like an error that was fixed in 2007 update rollup 4 so I am not sure what is happening here. This is only a lab (thank god) and I am scheduled to go live very shortly. I do not have a legit cert yet. I have made my own using exchange and to be honest I have got the SPN wrong I think. However, since making sure my Outlook anywhere settings are correct in outlook and installing the P7 as a trusted root I dont get any cert errors just this 503.

If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.


scottchapman -> RE: Outlook anywhere cannot connect (7.Apr.2010 10:51:49 AM)

You know you have had a bad day when it turns out that the only thing causing this issue was the fact that the laptop you are using to access outlook anywhere is a memeber of your live domain. This causes outlook anywhere to scitz right out!!! and also caused me to hit the deck and scream once I realised, logged off and tried OA from a laptop that has no idea of my live domain and guess what...

all was well

I am an idiot.

I thank you...

frankg -> RE: Outlook anywhere cannot connect (8.Apr.2010 9:05:34 AM)

haha, I did get half way through a reply yesterday but thought my answer might be an insult to your intelligence. Guess what, I was going to say exactly what you did, but hey, you did it all on your own and you saved yourself the embarrassment.

As they say its always the users never the computers, they only do what you ask them too, if its wrong how on earth do they know and be expected to work as you expected?

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