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jaelaeit -> Adding DAG servers to existing environment (10.Apr.2010 1:33:29 PM)

I moved all my mailboxes over to an Exchange 2010 server and got everything up and running.  This is running everything (CAS, Mailbox, Hub Transport) on one single server.  Everything is running great though.

For HA, I just purchased two additional servers to use as Mailbox servers.  What is involved in getting this up and running and moving the mailbox role off the cas server?

Currently I have the server configured with two nics.  one with an internal IP and one with an external.  The mailbox role has 3 mailboxes so our databases are split rather evenly.

Once these servers come in, I am planning to give them both internal IP's only, installing Server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Only.  Then create a DAG database called:

These will all be stored on both servers for redundancy.  Is the next step to simply move all mailboxes from the CAS's mailbox role over to the associated DB0x db?  Once that is complete, I would like to remove the mailbox role from the CAS server but what do I do about the hub transport role?

Any help and guidance is appreciated! -> RE: Adding DAG servers to existing environment (4.May2010 3:56:54 PM)

My first question would be why do you need two NIC on the Exchange server ??? One public one Internal? What is the reason not using simple one interface and Using your router ( assuming you got one (-: ) to NAT the internal IP to Outside IP?

For configuring DAG here is everything you need to know Henrik Walter , read all 4 articles.


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