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oturn -> "Set as reply" email address, and OAB error 0X8004010F (12.Apr.2010 3:03:17 PM)

A single Outlook Anywhere user with a unique "Set as reply" email address receives the following error in Outlook 2007:

16:30:46 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6509
16:30:46 Synchronizing Mailbox 'User Name'
16:30:46 Done
16:31:28 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
16:31:28 Not downloading Offline address book files. A server (URL) could not be located.
16:31:28 0X8004010F

The "Set as reply" email address for this user is actually an ISP email, external to our domain. Using the set as reply field in the user properties works well in setting an alternate permanent reply address, but obviously it doesn't play well with the offline address book.

None of our other users receive this error, and if the alternate email address is removed from this user, the OAB downloads successfully.

Are there any solutions that would allow us to keep the alternate email address as the reply address, but resolve the OAB error?


choppol -> RE: "Set as reply" email address, and OAB error 0X8004010F (19.Apr.2010 1:32:37 AM)

What you should do is to create another outlook profile and have that one setup as the isp account. that way it will not cause any issues with OAB.

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