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bigguyadocious -> best mobility solution (13.Apr.2010 2:05:45 PM)

Wondering what everyone is using for their mobility solution. I know Blackberry is the most common, but I'd like to know if anyone is using Good, NotifyLink, Synchronica or Exchange 2010 and what are your experiences? How are the security aspects and device management?

I'm currently our BES admin, but we're considering other possibilities in order to support a wider variety of device. -> RE: best mobility solution (1.Jun.2010 1:55:56 PM)

perhaps this is good a good start....

Exchange 2010: Why I'm Using It to Say Bye-Bye BlackBerry

angdeer -> RE: best mobility solution (25.Jun.2010 2:28:15 PM)

I have an iPhone and use for mobile exchange hosting.  No problems thus far! Customer support was so great helping me with every question I had. I'm new to this and they were by far the most helpful in what could have been a stressful situation.

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