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dekkar -> 2003 clients viewing 2010 calendars (14.Apr.2010 1:26:41 AM)

Hello, I have recently setup a 2010 server that I plan to move all my users onto.

I currently have a few users on it, and want to move others across for more testing.

The problem I face is that users connected to the old 2003 server cant see any items on the new server (ie a users calendar or tasks).

The clients are using outlook 2003, and are connected to exch 2003.

I have the free/busy stuff working OK, and public folders replicating. It just seems like it could be a physical limitation of Outlook 2003?


dekkar -> RE: 2003 clients viewing 2010 calendars (14.Apr.2010 8:15:53 PM)

I have been playing around with this, and have discovered if I turn on SSL (on the Outlook/Exch 2003 client)

I can open up one users calendar from the 2010 server. But I cant open anymore. It gives me the error: 'The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete.'

If I close down outlook, open it up again, I can open up another users calendar, but cant open anymore after that..!

Not too sure why this is happening.

Marc.dekeyser -> RE: 2003 clients viewing 2010 calendars (22.Apr.2010 10:33:10 AM)

Outlook 2003 in combination with Exchange 2010 is notoriously painfull. Alot of issues excist with this combo.

What you describe sounds alot as a known bug within 2010 but that is usually for 4 to 5 calendars. If it IS that bug a fix will come out (is atleast expected) in SP1 for E2010

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