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fordej -> Performing mailbox restore (15.Apr.2010 3:12:49 PM)

Can you tell me, when restoring a mailbox, is it really necessary to create and populate the entire RSG simply to restore 1 mailbox?   Our third party server consultants have told us that we must create the RSG in Exchange Management, push the restore out to the RSG from Symantec Backup and then extract and merge the data.  Our DB1 is approximately 70 GB.   Is there any way to perform a restore without having to put aside this amount of space?
Also, on a slightly different note (and my apologies for getting in another question on the same post), is it possible to integrate PST archiving in the Outlook clients into an RSG solution?  That is, at the moment, our Outlook clients archive to the local machines but of course if the machine ever fell over, the PST would be lost.   Is there some way to send these PSTs into an RSG so that they could be more easily retrieved in the event of a crash?
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Edit: I should probably also add that we haven't actually been able to get the Restore to work, with or without the RSG.  When it comes time to extract the mailboxes, the wizard tells us that there is No Matching Data, whatever criteria you enter or if you leave it blank.  Our consultants tell us that the Symantec Backups should have had the GRT (Granular Restore Technology) checkbox ticked.  This question belongs in a Symantec forum no doubt, but do you think this will help the restore to go ahead as we are hesitant about allocating more time and resources to the restore if it still doesn't work.
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catzodellamarina -> RE: Performing mailbox restore (19.Apr.2010 4:02:37 PM)

There's no other way to use RSG than to restore an entire DB, mount it from the RSG location, then you can pick out the single mailbox you need. If you're using tape backup, I'm sure restoring 70G isn't fast. In the future, you can avoid excess restore time by splitting up the 70G DB and making a few smaller DB's and SG's.

You can't "mount" PST's to RSG. Only DB's. You can backup the user's PST's which could help avoid the risk of losing them completely when a pc hd bites the dust. This way you can restore the PST from backups rather than go the RSG route.

fordej -> RE: Performing mailbox restore (21.Apr.2010 6:43:34 AM)

Hi catzodellamarina,
  Thanks for your response. 
  I'd assume that if i'm to break the db into smaller sections I'd need to stop the server and bring the Datastore down?
  Also, do you think auto-archiving from Outlook clients to a network location would slow things down? I'm guessing that this would be the case if the archives were still open in the client's Outlook?
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catzodellamarina -> RE: Performing mailbox restore (22.Apr.2010 12:45:27 PM)

No. It's a move mailbox function after you've creeated the new Storage Groups and associated DB's. Can all be done on the fly only interrupting those users you are moving. You can use PS to do a bunch at a time.

I don't use auto-archiving but to my knowledge it's just creating PST's and throwing them where you pointed. This should improve Outlook performance if anything.

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