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MAiN_PRoToCoL -> my first time (16.Apr.2010 10:44:50 PM)

So I have all the servers in the world, all the server 2003 and exchange 2003 i could want to install. but im a complete noob when it comes to exchange.

I would like my exchange database on one server, and everything else (owa, imap and, smtp, (is there anything else)) and another server. all in a diffrent internet domain names with their own users scenario(im hosting).

please show me how to this!!

Ill host you for free, for life, if it works out! [:D]



maxmumford -> RE: my first time (9.Sep.2010 3:34:28 AM)

Sorry for hitting up an old thread but im in a similar position as you - complete noobie, and finding it very difficult to find any documentation on how to install exchange 03. If you managed to find a tutorial or something that helped you can you send me a link? If I find something I will also post it up here, both for you (if you still need it which seems unlikely!) or for any future viewers of this thread.

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