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aaref -> external host name (17.Apr.2010 2:05:51 PM)

just intalled exchange 2010 standard on a windows 2008 standard r2 server.
my server host name is ML1
my domain name is MYDOMAIN.COM

my registered domain name (internet) is ABCDOMAIN.COM, I created 'A' record which I want to be MAIL, so I can access MAIL.ABCDOMAIN.COM from outside.

I configured owa and it's working fine from outside,i..e., https://mail.abcdomain.com/owa

I can send and recieve emails, no problem, i.e., info@abcdomain.com

I cannot reach ML1.MYDOMAIN.COM from internet because that's my internal naming configuration, which is logical.

While I configure Outlook 2007 from outside (external), I'm putting public ip or mail.abcdomain.com and it asks for the password for authentication and resolves the user name then automatically resolves the server name to ML1.MYDOMAIN.COM

I need it to resolve to MAIL.ABCDOMAIN.COM, so that it can work fine. How can i do that.

Everywhere in Exchange 2010 MMC I have set mail.abcdomain.com as internet URL.

How can I achieve this.

Pls. helppppppppp.

jveldh -> RE: external host name (18.Apr.2010 4:20:44 PM)


Can you describe how you like to setup Outlook ?
Using autodiscover ?

aaref -> RE: external host name (19.Apr.2010 1:06:03 AM)

Internally in my network, there is no issue in configuring outlook but when the user takes his laptop outside our network and uses outlook using normal internet connection, it should work through RPC over HTTP.

Thanks for the reply.

jveldh -> RE: external host name (19.Apr.2010 4:33:58 PM)


OK so it ask for a username and password but will place the localservername in front of the username ?

aaref -> RE: external host name (20.Apr.2010 1:17:12 AM)

Ya it asks for user name and password and the exchange server name will resolve to my local sever name. i need it to resolve to my external host names which is accessible from internet.

jveldh -> RE: external host name (20.Apr.2010 2:28:13 PM)


Please run the tests on https://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com/ and post the output here.

jjfbcn -> RE: external host name (4.Aug.2010 8:48:29 AM)

Hi, I'm getting the same issue, have you solved the problem?

saakar.rao -> RE: external host name (6.Aug.2010 9:58:33 AM)

ML1.MYDOMAIN.COM is that your Exchange Server name??
If yes post authentication it will always resolve to INTERNAL FQDN and not what is published on the Internet

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