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MaxAvion -> Default Reply-To Address. (21.Apr.2010 7:42:19 PM)

I am having some trouble setting an alternate reply-to address for one of our Exchange mailbox users. Though I am sure this is something pretty simple, am still have problems getting it to work.
We have an Exchange mailbox setup for our secretary who has taken a long term leave of absence, and because of this, I was asked to create a generic alias for the front desk and have it forward to her mailbox which is open on an Outlook client. This is working but they also want the default reply-to address to be set to the alias email address so that her name is not showing as much, and that is what I am having trouble with.
The alias has been created as a Universal Distribution Group with address and this mail is directed to her mailbox at From what I know, these are the steps that I followed to change the reply-to address:
  1. Opened the properties of her Active Directory account.
  2. Went to the Email Addresses tab.
  3. Disabled the "Automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy.” Option.
  4. Tried to add the "” as a new address and set it as primary.  
The problem with number 4 is when I clicked on 'Apply', the following error was shown.
This e-mail address already exists in this organization.
ID no: c10312e7
Microsoft Active Directory – Exchange Extension

Which is true because the alias account (reception) exists with that email address but I am not sure how else to set the reply-to option.
If someone could help me out with this, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Max Avion

uemurad -> RE: Default Reply-To Address. (21.Apr.2010 8:46:46 PM)

Each address may be associated with only one AD object.  If you associated to a distribution list, then it cannot be set as the default reply address of your user on leave.

You can give "Send As" permissions in the distribution list to the user account, but each time the receptionist sent a message, he/she would have to manually set the FROM address.

MaxAvion -> RE: Default Reply-To Address. (21.Apr.2010 9:49:55 PM)

Hi Dean,

Thanks very much for the informative reply, again..

I was afraid of that. I had also considered enabling Send As permissions for that user to send on behalf of but don't think they would be too happy with that solution. I guess they will just have to live with it the way that it is currently setup.

Thanks again for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

Max Avion

uemurad -> RE: Default Reply-To Address. (21.Apr.2010 11:35:39 PM)

May I ask why is associated with a distribution list?  How many people need to reply as that address?

MaxAvion -> RE: Default Reply-To Address. (22.Apr.2010 12:22:59 AM)

Hi Dean,
Sure, actually, it is just the one person who is a recipient of this distribution list,
We needed created as the address that outside users would use to send mail but could not remove the primary mailbox or address associated so that is how I set it up.
The reason why we wanted the reply-to address changed is because since the person is not there right now, using an email address generic like is much better than her name which might get confusing. All the mail is still going to the same mailbox we are just trying to get outside senders to change the address which they send to.
As you can probably tell, I am no Exchange expert so if you have any suggestions as a better way to accomplish this, I would be grateful.
Thanks again,
Max Avion

uemurad -> RE: Default Reply-To Address. (22.Apr.2010 1:57:06 AM) will accept Email for whatever object you associate it to.  If you add it as an alias (additional SMTP address) for the user object that holds, the mail ends up in that same mailbox.  You can then make the primary address, meaning that outbound messages from that mailbox will use that as the reply address.  Does that make sense?

Delete the Distribution List which will free  Add it to the user object holding (leave that one alone so it still receives mail addressed to her), then make the primary address.

MaxAvion -> RE: Default Reply-To Address. (22.Apr.2010 2:18:13 AM)

Dean, you are a genius, I tried what you suggested and it worked perfectly. Email being sent to both and are now both being delivered to the same place but is now the default sending address. This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks again.

Max Avion

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