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jedi613 -> Exchange 2003 System removing a failed 5.5 box (cleanup) (5.May2010 9:47:07 AM)

I have the following setup and wanted to confirm a few things and ensure that I am not missing anything.  Or is there some steps that are just not need because of the system being completely gone?

Windows 2003 Active Directory in In-term mode
Exchange 2003 SP2 Enterprise Ed. (1 front-end and 2 back-ends) in mixed mode
Exchange 5.5 (that is dead) but is still listed in the group.
The mailboxes, public folders and offline address book were previously migrated and had been working well on the 2003 back-end servers for a while.
I have Stopped the ADC service on the back end servers as well as the SRS service, and seems to be running ok.
That from my understanding would cover the steps to 10  (since no one has complained about any public folders then I would say that all the public folders had been migrated during the install of the 2003 into the Exchange group).  I know it is an assumption*
Step 12/14: this would be a not applicable because it no longer exists?
ON Step 15 - I want to ensure that it is the Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program that I should be using and then connect to the primary 2003 back-end server.
Would the steps form 16-21 still apply?
Then it would be onward to the Prepping for native mode correct?

jedi613 -> RE: Exchange 2003 System removing a failed 5.5 box (cleanup) (31.May2010 2:43:59 PM)

Any thoughts?

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