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nintwala -> separate Exchange 2007 server with 2003 Small Business (18.May2010 5:27:55 PM)

Hi everyone,

I had a quick question.

Is it possible to have a separate Exchange 2007 server setup with an existing Server 2003 small business domain controller?

My company has a existing SMB 2003 server for the domain controller. We have a another server thats doing nothing and I want to install Exchange 2007 on it with Windows 2008 Standard. Is it possible to do this or am I stuck with the built in Exchange that comes with SMB 2003?

Also, will I run into any problems if I go with this route?

Thanks for your help in advance...

choppol -> RE: separate Exchange 2007 server with 2003 Small Business (19.May2010 11:40:00 PM)

Are you saying that SBS 2003 came with Exchange 2007? I thought it comes with Exchange 2003.

You can install Exchange 2007 on another server but with Exchange integrated in SBS, I would suggest to be careful because if you break one component in SBS there a good chance you will break other ones too.

If you run Exchange 2007 on another server then move the mailboxes and the other roles over to the new Exchange server. Then I would suggest a test stop the Exchange services on on the SBS and leave it for a week or so.

As uninstalling, I would suggest not to get rid of it because of the integration.

nintwala -> RE: separate Exchange 2007 server with 2003 Small Business (20.May2010 8:31:32 AM)

The 2003 small business server didnt come with exchange 2007. It came with the regular 2003, but I dont want to use that as the only way to install is to install it directly on to the same server that I am using for domain controller with SBS installed on it.

I want to put Exchange on a different server for better performance. The SBS domain controller is getting old so I dont want to put too much on it. I might end up replacing it.

I was just concerned that because the domain controller is a SBS it will complain that I cant do exchange separately. But I think you are right, it should be alright.

After doing some research I found this article which is pretty much telling me that it can be done.

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