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someshwarv -> DC+Exchange Migration to Windows 2003 + Exchange 2003 (19.May2010 9:14:22 AM)

Dear All,
I have Windows 2000 Server as AD and Exchange 2000 server on the same server (Acer Altos G530 1.0).
Server is "Mixed Mode (can support pre-Exchange 2000 Servers)"
 and my domain name is xxxxx.info and in exchange Default external email is @xxxxx.net (In "Recipient Policies" - > Default Policy -> created one more SMTP rule @xxxxx.net and set as default.)
* Currently there is no ADC.
Now I want to upgrade to Windows 2003 and Exchange 20003.
Please guide me how to go and step by step tutorials if any.
Thank you

ismail.mohammed -> RE: DC+Exchange Migration to Windows 2003 + Exchange 2003 (20.May2010 2:57:31 AM)

I guess first you need to upgrade Exchange 2003 because if you are upgrading your windows OS - your existing exchange won't work becuase of IIS comptability.

you can refer this link :

My suggestion would be
1) Don;t keep the exchange server in the same server which holds the DC role
2) Bring another server with windows server 2003 and install exchange 2003 and do a migration
3) Then uninstall exchange 2000 from that DC.

but anyhow if you want the existion topology what you said you can do that - but it is not recommended. Another concern i am not sure how your DC will react on this.

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