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NeilHiorns -> DAG and mail re-direct (21.May2010 4:49:17 AM)

This is the scenerio I am looking to impliment;

2 Exchange Server 2010 Standard with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition. Both servers will be multi-role, namely HT, CAS and MBX.

Question, if one of the servers were to go offline completely, due to hardware failure, would incoming mail be redirected to the 2nd server for the users that are normally located on the 1st server?

If this is possible can you explain or point in direction of article that explains this.

Thanks in advance

ismail.mohammed -> RE: DAG and mail re-direct (21.May2010 5:03:33 AM)

hi mate,

Logically Yes.
I don't have proper document to explain. But i can try to shade some light. If you see Exchange 2010 it is set of exchange roles which does specific function like Hub - Transport, CAS - Resolving and availability and MBX - for database.
you are aware that HUB sents mail based on the AD-Site Topology discovery. So if one Hub goes down, other hub which ever is near that will take the ownership for the sending the mail. So just because of this you don't require any special configuration for HUB HA.

So if your mbx moved to another server. we have another hub online which will take the iniative.

praveenbalan -> RE: DAG and mail re-direct (21.May2010 5:04:46 AM)


Yes, it will be re-directed. If you are worried about the internet email, and you have a third party email gateway  then the situation will be little different. In the case of third party gateway(other than edge server) will have to mention both the servers IP in SMTP routes for incoming emails.

All the roles are fault tolerant, and if you have configured DAG then the storage as well.


NeilHiorns -> RE: DAG and mail re-direct (21.May2010 5:20:15 AM)

Firstly thank you both for your prompt replies.

We do have a third party gateway so I will now need to investigate how this is setup and if it will affect mailflow under these conditions - so thank you again as I hadn't considered this.

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