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shrry8 -> OWA : Access Denied (2.Jun.2010 9:41:17 AM)


I am planning to move my Exchnage 2003 machine to a new server with upgraded hardware for that i have successfully installed Exchange 2003 on new machine means now there are 2 Exchange Servers in my organization listed under First Administrative Group.

After that i have configured my SMTP Virtual Server and started IIS Services. After that i have migrated a single mailbox from my old server to new server in order to check OWA and Outlook settings for new server before migrating all the mailboxes to new one.

My old /existing server is running perfectly fine but when i try to access http://new/exchange it gives me Error: Access Denied

They can connect to either one, but only the first one authenticates them.
The second one gives them the access denied message. So users who have
their mailbox on the first Exchange server have no problem connecting to
OWA. The users who have mailboxes on the second one get
access denied messages when the connect to new server.

Also tried to resolve issue with

but no success

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