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cbaur88 -> Stumped - Lost Emails (3.Jun.2010 12:44:33 PM)

I have an issue where an outside sender has been trying to send an email with an approx 16MB attachment to two of our users. Both of them did not get the message and I have confirmed this scouring their in-boxes using OWA. We have a Barracuda Spam firewall so I check the logs and the messages appear to come in and delivered as normal. I had Barracuda on the phone checking various logs looking into the issue deeper but all pointed to the emails were released and sent to the Exchange server.

Using the Barracuda spam device I have the ability to re-deliver the message. I paused the message queues and was able to see the messages hitting exchange intended for my two users. However after I resume the queue still no message shows up in their inbox. I used Exchanges message tracking feature and was able to show the messages coming into exchange. What's going on?

It appears to be an issue with just this particular email as we receive several other emails from this domain and this particular email address. Is there something I am missing or can check into that could be causing this? The email in question is a forwarded email to two employee's with two PDF attachments. This is driving me nutz!!! [:@]

P.S. We have a attachment size limit at 20MB this was well below. Thanks in advance for looking and reading this. Take care!

imransalamat -> RE: Stumped - Lost Emails (9.Jul.2010 1:07:58 PM)

check may be any transport rule is droping these emails. did the sender get any NDR?

cbaur88 -> RE: Stumped - Lost Emails (2.Aug.2010 3:39:46 PM)

Sender got no NDR and the email w/ attachment hits our spam firewall. At this point I am able to view the email and download the attachments. There is something happening between I believe on the Exchange end stripping these emails. 

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