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mallpraveen -> Exchange 2007 , AD and client (4.Jun.2010 7:59:47 AM)

Hi Members,

I am very new to exchange. I have done following things so far:

1. Installed AD on win2k3
2.Installed exchange 2007 sp1 (custom install) on AD
3.I have two more system where I will be installing the exchange 2007 sp1 , these two nodes are part of high available enviorment and outlook client will communicate with any of nodes. I will have shared device between both nodes and will put mailbox on that.

Earlier I went directly installing exchange on nodes (step4) but someone suggested me that I need to have AD and exchange install on that.

So here is the question. I dont understand why AD is needed here? If needed then what is the role? Is there any relation between exchange on nodes and exchange on AD? And if all required ..what I need to do. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Praveen

de.blackman -> RE: Exchange 2007 , AD and client (4.Jun.2010 8:10:39 AM)

Active Directory is the directory service used by exchange to store its configuration information. No AD means no Exchange, simply put!

Planning Active Directory

There is absolutely no need to install Exchange on the same server running AD (The domain controller).

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