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ldoodle -> Virtualising (4.Jun.2010 10:53:21 AM)


I'm just in the process of building the Exchange VM (Hyper-V) but have just thought about how best to provision the SAN LUNs for database and log files to the VM.

Do I use the iSCSI initiator inside the VM to connect to the LUNs or connect to them on the host and create VHD files and provision the storage to the VM that way?

Are there any best practicies regarding this?


Raise -> RE: Virtualising (4.Jun.2010 4:18:05 PM)

There is a good article from Jaap Wesselius about the exchange 2010 on hyper-v. This may be helpful for you.


ldoodle -> RE: Virtualising (8.Jun.2010 8:19:46 AM)

Thanks, but I have already read that article.

All it mentions is the Hyper-V side of things... no mention of the number of LUNs/Volumes on the SAN, nor whether to use VHD files or direct iSCSI connection for the Exchange virtual machine.


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