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decry189 -> New site integration (7.Jun.2010 7:32:36 PM)

Hey all, hopefully somebody can help with what may be a complicated scenario. Basically, I administer a 2003 Forest/Domain. Recently my company was aquired by another business from across the country, and they want to integrate the 2 infrastructures. After I get a VPN tunnel setup, I plan on creating a Forest trust between our 2 sites.

I'm currently running Exchange 2007, and I believe they are on 2000, or 2003 (I realize an upgrade may be required). I need to know what options I have available to create some sort of redundant configuration. I was thinking about doing Log shipping from one server to the other, in case of an outage at one site. I'm being pressed for time on this issue, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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