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denrobare -> OWA Blank Screen (9.Jun.2010 10:04:15 AM)

I am new to Exchange. Setup 2007 on a Win2008 Ent. box, not a DC. Single Exchange server in environment. I have got email flowing in and out just fine. However, I have not been able to get OWA working and cant migrate our email accounts from our hosting company to our internal exch. server until we have web access.

I do not have a Certificate yet. I have disabled SSL for the OWA site in IIS.

When I go to http://server.domain.org/owa, I get a blank screen with just the frames showing. No error messages of any kind (iis, javascript, etc).

I am using basic auth. and my credentials are part of enterp admins and exchange admins. The dialogue box takes my credentials fine, then just shows a blank white screen with a blue line where the left panel would be.

Event ID 1309 Source ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0 in Event Viewer.

Please help.

binoathomas -> RE: OWA Blank Screen (10.Jun.2010 10:43:14 AM)

me also have same problem did u solve the issue ?
if u solve please tell to me also

denrobare -> RE: OWA Blank Screen (10.Jun.2010 11:32:53 AM)

No word yet from anyone on this forum. I have not yet resolved this issue.

clementrosario -> RE: OWA Blank Screen (11.Jun.2010 9:53:28 AM)

Are you able to browse default website from iis.
Double click HTTP Redirect and enable Redirect Request to this destination checkbox


denrobare -> RE: OWA Blank Screen (11.Jun.2010 10:02:47 AM)

Defualt IIS website works fine.

When i redirect defualt to http://servername/owa, I get an IE cannot display page.

When i type http://servername/owa, and enter my credentials, i get a blank screen and this in the address bar:



denrobare -> RE: OWA Blank Screen (9.Jul.2010 2:46:18 PM)

Service Pk. 3 fixed my issue.

Somehow it installed ok Win 2008 R2 before Service Pk. 3 came out.

Gunn3r -> RE: OWA Blank Screen (27.Sep.2010 7:45:52 AM)

I have the same problem but with https://site/owa

the "this page is not using certification bla bla" i say enter anyway - white blank screen apeares and does not ask login.

Installed windows 2008 r2, exchange 2010 std, fully updated.

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