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pb194 -> Get rid of .com! (9.Jun.2010 11:56:02 AM)

Hi all,

Using VMWare I have built a Windows NT4 Domain with Exchange 5.5 which I need to use to prove migration tooling.

The domain name is and in Exchange initial install I created a new site with the same name ( as the Domain, then Shims as the site). When I go to create a new email account the smtp email automatically adds on .com to the end of the email address i.e

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop the .com getting added in the default email so any help would be much appreciated.

If it's any assistance/relevance, the Site > Configuration > Addressing > Detail Templates also only show English/USA. Can this be changed somehow ?

Thanks to anyone who gives me an answer

zbnet -> RE: Get rid of .com! (10.Jun.2010 5:57:08 AM)

I think you may struggle to set this environment up as a complete identical copy of your existing 5.5 production environment - unless you have access to all the original CDs etc that were used?

The email addresses that are generated by default for all objects are defined in the Email Address Generator container under Addressing in the site Configuration container.  Can't you just compare all the production settings with your new test environment settings and duplictae them all to avoid these kinds of issues?

The Addressing Detail Templates are (if I recall correctly - it's been a long time since I did 5.5!) one per langauge you install by default, although I think you can add more in there from the Outlook CD, because their function is to support different client locales - not something that I would have thought you're too concerned about in a test environment that you'll use just to validate your migration tools?

instantloanss -> RE: Get rid of .com! (19.Dec.2010 9:13:11 AM)

I have the same problem with one of my domain. A little help will be appreciated.
Happy New Year ALL!

kevin619 -> RE: Get rid of .com! (30.Oct.2012 11:52:33 PM)

I always like to register a domain in .com then .org

jorgea -> RE: Get rid of .com! (29.Jun.2013 2:07:53 PM)

Were you able to resolve this technical problem?

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