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jehotee -> Issues with IMAP4 / inetinfo.exe / Store.exe services. (9.Jun.2010 2:19:12 PM)

Hi everyone,

I am having issues with our Exchange 2003.
The inetinfo.exe and store.exe seem to be crashing everytime since 3 days ago. The following error message appears on the screen: runtime error; Program C:\windows\systems32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exe. This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way...
Anytime we get the popup, the IMAP4 and Information Store service stop and I have to close the popup message before those services are re-started.

Any idea about what might be causing this and how to resolve this issue?

I am intending to also install a second Exchange 2003 in the domain and eventually take off the 1 server.
Can anyoneprovide me with the step to install a 2nd Exc. 2003 Server?

clementrosario -> RE: Issues with IMAP4 / inetinfo.exe / Store.exe services. (10.Jun.2010 1:17:08 AM)

1. Check the event logs and find any error logs related to this.
   Check whether your machine have all the updates and Service pack installed
   Check also for Anti virus updates

2. You can do clustering for high availability

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