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matts68nova -> Moving Mailbox Store database to another volume (10.Jun.2010 11:48:40 PM)

I have an Exchange 2000 Enterprise system with the Mailbox Store on a 176GBB partition. Mailboxes add up to 95 GB but have less than 3GB remaining. Had 6.38 this morning. Changed retention from 90 days to 30 days and completed online defrag. Gained 11GB last night. Still decreasing.
I have now attached the Exchange server to a 300GB Equallogic SAN storage volume and want to move the store from the existing volume to the new without any issues.
I find the Microsoft suggested format to move the volume through System Manager from one drive (one drive letter) to another dirve (with a different drive letter).
Forgive me but I would think that an easy way to do this is to dismount the stores, shutdown Exchange services, move the data to the new volume (using xcopy with verif, attib, ACLs, hidden/system, etc), re-assign drive letters so that the new volume now holds the original volumes assignment, and restart the Exchange services and mount the stores. Can anyone confirm this like NOW! I need to do NOW.
Assistance would be appreciated as it seems simple but I cannot find reference to it. Is there a problsm with doing so??????? HELP!!!

pjhutch -> RE: Moving Mailbox Store database to another volume (29.Jul.2010 11:13:44 AM)

It is possible to do this this way, although not recommended. Go ahead and let us know how you got on.

matts68nova -> RE: Moving Mailbox Store database to another volume (30.Jul.2010 1:03:52 PM)

Although I did not receive a response prior to needing to complete the process, it did work perfectly. I took the store offline and then shutdown Exchange services. I then used XCopy to copy ALL data with the following switches: /E/V/F/H/K/O/X. Since the volume was new I did not need to include overwriting of files.

Once the copy was completed I then reassigned a new drive letter to the existing volume and assigned to exchange-aware drive letter to the new volume. I then restarted the Exchange services and mounted the volume without issue.

Unfortunately, due to the problems with the uncontrollable growth of the store (even though mailboxes were not growing) this new volume had to be replaced again. I used the same procedure without issue.

As a note, by the time we halted the growth of the store it had increased to 523GB (from 55GB). To correct this issue I created a new storage group and a new mailbox store. I then moved all movable (non-corrupted) mailboxes to the new store through AD. For the corrupted mailboxes (ExMerge would not work) we had to export all data into PSTs, move the mailboxes, repair corruptions of the data in the PST using ScanPST and then import the data back into the user's mailbox. The problematic store was then taken offline in preparation of repair and space reclamation.

Prior to completing this however my (and two other) position was outsourced.

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