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ibirman -> Exchange Server Locking Up (16.Jun.2010 3:37:02 PM)

I have an exchange 2003 SBS server that locks up when I try to access any email - either through webmail or outlook.  I exported all the emails to PST files, deleted and re-created the mail store database and mailboxes, and copied back just recent emails, address books, and schedules. 

I am getting the exact same symptoms.  I can log in, but as soon as I click on a message, everything locks up, and the only thing to do is to re-start the exchange store service.

I have all recent service packs and updates installed.  Other than this, the server works fine - nothing running at 100% cpu, plenty of memory, disk, etc.

What could be causing this problem?

uemurad -> RE: Exchange Server Locking Up (16.Jun.2010 3:42:43 PM)

I have not encountered that symptom before. Are there any entries in the System or Application Logs around the time of the lockups?

Are you using Outlook in cache mode?
What happens if you open the message using OWA?

ibirman -> RE: Exchange Server Locking Up (16.Jun.2010 3:54:47 PM)

Same issue whether I use Outlook or OWA - OWA just hangs - it never errors out, it just hangs.  Outlook will eventually error out.  There are no meaningful errors in the System or Application logs.  I thought the database was corrupt, so I rebuilt it.  Could it be something else on the server?  Bad RAM (It has ECC..)?

I believe Outlook is in Cache mode, but I am currently testing with just OWA.


uemurad -> RE: Exchange Server Locking Up (16.Jun.2010 9:35:27 PM)

What happens if you run OWA while on the Exchange server?  That will eliminate any networking issues from the equation.  Open a browser and type http://localhost/exchange.

ibirman -> RE: Exchange Server Locking Up (16.Jun.2010 11:08:48 PM)

Same thing on the server.  I just realized the problem may be with the Sunbelt Ninja email security software - I am upgrading it to the latest version.  Thanks!


uemurad -> RE: Exchange Server Locking Up (17.Jun.2010 12:35:53 AM)

Yes - now that you've narrowed the focus to the server itself, look at any add-ons and other applications installed there.  If the upgrade doesn't correct the issue, the next step is to disable it and test again.

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