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Scruff -> Security certificate for Outlook Anywere (1.Jul.2010 5:41:40 AM)

    Hello Everybody!
I  have isntalled MS Exchange 2010 for study and test usage. The installation type is typical, the following roles are installed - Hub Tr-t, Client access, mailbox. Server works fine. I'm trying to use OWA - perfect! Exchange 2010 uses selfsigned certificate for OWA interface ( But Outlook Anywhere (O-A) feature is not working. I've enabled this feature on the server. During reading forums I've understand that O-A uses RPC-over-HTTP technology. I tried for diagnosing my problem and I've got bad answer - "Certificate name validation failed". There are a lot of info in forums about that bug - here is a couple of decisions:  Buy cert form Verisign or Contoso or use your own CA. I've isntalled CA, created root certificate, and created webserver certificate (Common Name is . But here is the next bug - I can't put webserver certificate to IIS default site. I'm trying to import, than I've got message "Importing is successful" but the cert is not appearing in IIS, so I can't choose it in Binding option of IIS7. 
Any Ideas?

Scruff -> RE: Security certificate for Outlook Anywere (3.Jul.2010 2:23:19 AM)

...Closing my topic....
The "import" option is wrong. Instead of it, I choose Create Domain cert in ISS7-console. I provide "" Common name of cert. Than I set this cert in Binding option of  Default Site. But this is only the nutshell. I have install both root and owa certs to client PC certificate store. Outlook is still not working. AAAAAAhhh!!!! Than I've found an article where I discovered that IPv6 at Exchange Server should be disabled. After disabling IPv6 outlook connection to excnage was perfect.

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