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MarkCEllam -> DAG's Across WAN's (2.Jul.2010 8:28:53 AM)

I've setup a brand new 2008 R2 Domain. The task is to setup 2 x Exchange 2010 across a WAN with DAG's. Site 1 has the fist AD server. Site 2 has 2 AD servers. All Global Cat. Replication had issues but has seemed to settle down and both site replicate AD. I was getting 1925 RPC errors but they seem to have vanished.
Physical Topology
2 Sonicwall Routers (4060/NSA240) with a VPN tunnel. (Windows broadcast traffic is not enabled currently)
Site one = 194.x.x.x
Site two = 77.x.x.x Subnets on Gateways are the Sonics
Both site can resolve DNS and ping each other (Firewalls permiting)
Exchange Topolgy
One NIC each with an IP of other with 77.x.x.15
Setup-On site one Exchange server installed. Site two. Exchange server installed and they can see each other across the WAN. The management console looks good and both Databases are visible on Each server and a Local WS console. (I think that covers everything)
FSW is created and added to trusted Exchange on site one. DAG group created and visible in AD. When I click on the DAG group this message appears.

Log Name: Application
Source: MSExchange Configuration Cmdlet - Remote Management
Date: 02/07/2010 12:08:23
Event ID: 4
Task Category: General
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Exch01.MessageExchange.com
(PID 6072, Thread 25) Task Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork writing error when processing record of index 0. Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.DagNetworkRpcServerException: A server-side administrative operation has failed. 'GetDagNetworkConfig' failed on the server. Error: The NetworkManager has not yet been initialized. Check the event logs to determine the cause. ---> Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.DagNetworkManagementException: The NetworkManager has not yet been initialized. Check the event logs to determine the cause.
at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.NetworkManager.FetchInitializedMap()
at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.NetworkManager.
at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Cluster.HaRpcExceptionWrapperBase`2.RunRpcServerOperation(String databaseName, RpcServerOperation rpcOperation)
--- End of stack trace on server

It looks to be RPC related possibly Firewall. Any thoughts would be helpful

Exchange_Geek -> RE: DAG's Across WAN's (2.Jul.2010 9:05:53 AM)



MarkCEllam -> RE: DAG's Across WAN's (7.Jul.2010 11:34:05 AM)

it was that the subnet of the DC was on and the replication was on /24. So I believe this was the issue. The problem was further compounded by changing the subnet as the DC could not then workout if it was a "Public" Private" or "Domain" Server. All AD and DNS crashed when i changed it to
Thankfully it is a new domain and I have now added a secondary DC.
[:@] I'd would have thought that the DC would have turned off all this Cr*p when I DCPromo'd the unit but obvoiusly not. Well done MS!!!!
This is a pure 2008R2 domain.

liaqatba -> RE: DAG's Across WAN's (2.Aug.2011 10:00:26 AM)

I have the same problem and getting an error "the networkmanager has not yet been initialized" when trying to add second node in DAG. I have two exchange 2010 sp1 server in 2 active directory sites with different ip subnets. I have resolved this issue by forcing active directory replication between sites.


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