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binoathomas -> Outlook Anywhere (4.Jul.2010 11:04:52 AM)

hi ,

i installed exchange 2010 working fine but i like to know how to configure outlook anywhere on exchange server and how to configure on outlook 2007
i don't have any certificate from 3rd party
what all ports i want to open on my firewall?


Bino A Thomas

jmadsen -> RE: Outlook Anywhere (7.Jul.2010 9:53:13 PM)

oh boy

it's easy to enable Outlook Anywhere on Exchange by just enabling it at the Server CAS level

however, without public certificates and exchange autodiscovery DNS SRV and A records setup properly, the implementation and configuration of Outlook can be very troublesome for external users

this becomes more of a network configuration burden than an exchange admin burden

also by setting up the external DNS correctly and using public certificates, you would be able to provide services to other devices such as phones, etc

the only port that is really necessary to open for this is 443, but if you want to support http to https redirection for OWA you also need to open port 80


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