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TomM -> ActiveSync and Iphone syncage (7.Jul.2010 5:40:16 AM)

Hi All,

I seem to be being asked more and more by certain, iphone happy, people who want to Sync their iphones and activesync phones with exchange, most likely due to the fact that i don't have a clue, this never seems to work correctly the fist time.

Is anyone able to provide a decent checklist ( or link to ) , to get and exchange  2003 server ready for this, ( Ie ports to open , stuff to enable etc )

Many Thanks in advance


TomM -> RE: ActiveSync and Iphone syncage (7.Jul.2010 5:45:36 AM)

Also, have been doing some reading and some people have suggested enabling IMAP on the server. Is this neccesarry as this sound a bit daft to me?


alanhardisty -> RE: ActiveSync and Iphone syncage (7.Jul.2010 5:57:12 AM)

If you are trying to get Exchange 2003 and Activesync working, please have a read through my blog article and if you have any questions, please post a comment:

TomM -> RE: ActiveSync and Iphone syncage (7.Jul.2010 5:59:13 AM)

That was quick!

Many thanks for the reply, will have a read.

TomM -> RE: ActiveSync and Iphone syncage (7.Jul.2010 6:58:14 AM)

Thanks for the help,

Waiting for some dns changes at the minute, so will be a while before i can test this.

While I am at it do you have any info on how to set up the auto discover?

Many thanks


See Post
Autodiscover activesync srv record  

TomM -> RE: ActiveSync and Iphone syncage (7.Jul.2010 9:25:51 AM)

This has solved problem , due to directory access and authentication.



yuronglin -> RE: ActiveSync and Iphone syncage (20.Jul.2012 11:43:05 AM)

Cert + PW is not really a 2-factor authentication. Also, for all the reasons we all know, certificate/smartcard authentication has not been popular. Instead, OTP tokens have become the most popular authentication method for two-factor authentication because of its simplicity and low cost to implement and deploy.

Microsoft does not support OTP with Outlook Anywhere and ActiveSync. You will need a 3rd-party authentication server that supports Outlook Anywhere & ActiveSync with two-factor authentication. Currently, there is only one such product, Deepnet DualShield:

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