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noobex -> Need Help with Exchange 2007 SP1 (7.Jul.2010 10:22:08 PM)

Hi all,

I would like to check if the following new setup is possible;

I have 2 servers running with roles "all in one" each (Hub,CAS & Mailbox), I suppose only SCC requires Shared Storage, but if I would like to configure CCR between these 2 servers connecting to a single shared storage where I keep my database,mailboxes and etc, is that possible?

My aim is to provide HA between the 2 exchange servers and provide a single shared storage for data backup as well as storage groups or exchange related files.


Exchange Server 1 -------- Exchange Server 2

| |
| |

Share Storage Array

Any advise will be very much appreciated.


John Weber -> RE: Need Help with Exchange 2007 SP1 (7.Jul.2010 10:47:09 PM)

SCC is shared storage.
CCR is separate storage.

jmadsen -> RE: Need Help with Exchange 2007 SP1 (12.Jul.2010 11:40:05 AM)

you really do not want to share the storage

the CCR cluster with individual storage is prefered and gives you a higher level fo HA

also you can run a CCR clsuter across datacenters giving you even more HA

I would recommend looking at Exchange 2010 DAG instead of CCR - much simpler - better features suc as active/active as opposed to active/passive which is all a CCR can provide


noobex -> RE: Need Help with Exchange 2007 SP1 (13.Jul.2010 8:35:15 AM)

Hi all, thanks for the reverts;

Just one more quick question, I understand from my peers is that its not possible to configure CCR between just 2 exchange servers, you will need at least 3;

Basically, you have to separate the hub transport server role away from the 2 servers holding CAS and Mailbox roles to perform CCR, is this right?

My actual requirement was to setup all the roles hub, CAS and Mailbox on just 2 servers, can CCR still be viable?

Appreciate any prompt response...thanks

jmadsen -> RE: Need Help with Exchange 2007 SP1 (13.Jul.2010 10:42:49 AM)

CCR requires that the mailbox be installed alone

you would have a hub/cas on others servers (2 servers for mailbox cluster and 2 servers for hub/cas to get you redundancy)

Exchange 2010 DAG will allow you to consolidate the roles and still support the cluster (2 servers)


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