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digitalz -> Two-Factor Authentication Outlook Anywhere 2010 (13.Jul.2010 10:47:08 AM)

I'm having a hard time finding a clear answer...  I am looking to deploy a two-factor authentication solution with Forefront UAG for Outlook Anywhere via Exchange 2010.  The two-factor solution includes client certificate authentication as one of the authentication factors (PKI already in place). 
The second factor is the NTLM authentication between the user and the Exchange CAS.

In this scenario we have something that the user has (client cert.) and something the user knows (username\password) which is automatically passed to the backend server via NTLM authentication.

Is it possible to deploy two-factor auth. for Outlook Anywhere with UAG?  If so, does anyone have any links you can provide regarding this type of setup?  Does this configuration still constitute itself as a two-factor solution? 

Thank you for your help!

John Weber -> RE: Two-Factor Authentication Outlook Anywhere 2010 (13.Jul.2010 11:12:26 AM)

Simply my opinion, but no, that is not two factor authentication.

Two factor auth is: something you know, something you have. RSA (or similar vendor) qualifies because you HAVE something (the key fob thingy) and something you KNOW (your user name/pw).

Cert and PW is not two factor.

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